Your Radiology department is missing something - Kidioke sing along books

Posted by Max Markers on

These Kidioke books are a huge hit with the kids in the Radiology Dept.  

  • No more screaming kids
  • No more screaming parents
  • No more pigg-o-stats in the waiting room

Kids are born with an instinctive fear of Radiology departments.  Programmed in their DNA is a scream response triggered by the word X-Ray.  But then I saw Kidioke sing along books in action.  These books really keep the kids from getting all worked up by holding their attention.  It works better than the toy or iPad Mom or Dad brought because the kids have not seen it before.  

I ended up getting one for home.  I watch my Son work through this book and I try to sing along.  We're not ready to take the show on the road but I got High hopes. 

Order them right off the Kidioke website.

The Kidioke Facebook has more pictures and videos.  Definitely worth checking out.



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