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Max Markers X-Ray Markers

Originality isn't in dreaming up something no one has ever thought of before, but in synthesizing different ideas into a stimulating and inspiring movement. Max Markers offers the opportunity to change your thinking about work.  Our Max style X-Ray Marker is an original idea of Max Markers and is our flagship product.

In 2009 an idea was born to amend an X-Ray Technologist's world from one where even the brightest film is still 15% dark.  This idea would overwhelm the Radiology dark room with gleaming luminance so bright films would fog.   Everything you see here is a result of that idea.  By encasing standard lead x-ray markers with uplifting imagery, Max Markers has collimated our minds and reprocessed our souls.  No longer will nurses say that the Radiology department suffers from a mental disorder marked by alternating periods of elation and depression.  So get your marker set.  Get your rotor spinning... And hurry up get your next patient.

Max Markers X-Ray Markers making X-Ray Techs look good since 2009.